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I’m an experienced  Pay Per Click Specialist, and as PPC Certified expert I have been helping many small, medium and large business owners to grow their companies.

As a successful business owner, and been somebody who has passion for business and marketing my goal is to leverage your business in high position to increase you profits and brand awareness.

Expert PPC Traffic was founded by me in 2013, and I truly believe Google AdWords, Facebook or/and Bing/ Yahoo are the best way to get your business or profession seen on the Internet and particularly on page one of Google.

Multiple studies show Google AdWords, when done correctly, can yield a 100 to 300% return on your advertising dollars. With so much competition on page one of Google, Yahoo and Bing, your ad must stand out to get the first click, or in some cases the first phone call! At that point, it will be up to the business owner or professional to get the potential customer or client into your sales funnel and keep them there!

Facebook Ads are  highly targeted, actionable and very affordable. We’ll  measure your results of every ad.

Expert PPC Traffic offers  free consultation and custom affordable quotes to manage your campaigns. Google AdWords is where Google makes more than 95% of their money. Have you ever wondered why Google’s stock price is so high? Well, it is probably from two things. One is the large amount of amateurs who start a Google AdWords, Facebook or Bing/Yahoo campaigns and spend a ton of money and get no results. The other is from a select group of pro’s who spend a ton of money and get back a huge return on their investment.

Generally speaking, Google, Microsoft AdCenter  or Facebook  want the pro’s in their advertising space. The majority of their income comes from a very small percentage of their advertisers and these are usually national advertisers with PPC management companies running their campaigns. For example, Google would love to have the ‘big boys’ in their AdWords section and the small local businesses in their Google Places listings which they may also create another Google AdWords type of bidding system at some point.

At Expert PPC Traffic  we can help small and medium size companies compete with large companies through a very robust and competitive ad campaign. We strive to make it work for you and your business! Our team of trained professionals can get you on the top in a matter of minutes and also consult on your Website and overall business model.Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter  or Facebook Ads are not a set-it and forget-it type of advertising. It requires non-stop monitoring and ad testing. Unlike Yellow Page advertising where you have to sign a one year contract, we have no contract to sign and if Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter or Facebook Das are not for you, we can turn your campaign off in seconds.

I’m from Brazil, and moved to US many years ago. In Brazil, I graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of Brasilia in Brazil, and have MBA in Communication Management. Internet Advertising and Marketing always was my passion. I worked for almost two decades for many different medias companies and for the Federal Government in Brazil in Communications and Marketing.

So, if you need an Expert to manage your online adverting, Expert PPC Traffic  is here to serve you and get you listed at the top first page in minutes!


Gayre Emery



“I hired two years ago for my Google AdWords campaign and it allowed me to focus on my business. They were able to get me more students and my class size grew so much I had to rent a larger facility!” – Nino Schembri


“I struggled with Google AdWords until I hired I realized after the first day I did not know the ins and outs of pay-per-click advertising. Having manage my campaign allowed me to focus on my business.” Paul Monroe,


“ got me listed at the top of Google in less than an hour. I received paying clients the first day and have obtained many repeat and referral customers from AdWords.” David Giuliano,

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