Your Google ad needs to spell out what you are offering, how it may help someone, and what to do next which is your call-to-action!


Recently, changed ads to Expanded text Ads (ETAS). This new ad format gives advertisers an additional 45 characters to work with, making it easier to build a compelling case for searchers to click on their ads.  Your final URL should be the landing page where you wish to drive searchers who match to keywords in this particular ad group. Giant New Ads –  Headline 1 now has  30 characters and this is the most important component of your new ad. But wait, there is headline 2 also with 30 characters. Take vantage of it. But The challenge with Headline 2 is that it doesn’t always show — at least not in its entirety. When it does appear, it has excellent visibility. The description has 80 characters. Wow!! It’s the meat of your ad. At Expert PPC Traffic we are taking vantage and bring amazing results to our clients. The headlines’ mission is to capture your searchers’ eyes. Once you’ve got their attention, it’s up to the description copy to compel them to act.  URL Paths (15 characters each) This new ad component is optional, but I’m using it for my clients with great success.

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