Your company’s website landing page is the door to your company. From here, you want your prospect to walk in and become your valued customer or client.

So, you must give them the best impression of your business or profession right away and offer the best experience for them to walk in, want to stay, and buy your product or service.

A strategically structured landing page has many qualities.

First, the design must be pleasant to the eye. So, think about color scheme, the font of your ad copy, placement of pictures and forms, and ease of readership. A prospect always wants to feel like they landed in the right place, never the wrong place. So the design must be a created so your prospect feels right at home.

Second, you will need a headline or title that solves a problem someone may have. The headline on your landing page must resonate with your prospect. A sub-head below it is also recommended to compliment the actual headline or title. Then of course you need compelling ad copy that lets your prospect know they not only are in the right place but they are in the right hands. Relevancy and legitimacy is what your prospect is looking for. You will need to let them know through empathy that they are not alone and many people are in the same position and face the same problem as them. You validate their feelings and let them know you are an expert at solving their particular problem. Every word counts and your offer must be very compelling so your future client or customer feels that they can trust each step you take them through.

Third, your landing page is first and foremost a lead capture page. You have invested time and money to get a prospect to your landing page so now it must convert. Your potential client or customer may be ready to buy now or they may be in the “thinking about it” stage. Your landing page must accommodate both. Think about a simple call-to-action such as your phone number or form to fill out for those ready for immediate action as well as a download for more information where you are able to place this particular prospect in your sales funnel for follow-up. Not everyone is ready to make a fast decision so your landing page must be structured to accommodate all your prospects.

Finally, your call-to-action on your landing page is just the first step in the overall sales process. Your marketing funnel has led a prospect to your landing page and now they have placed a call, filled out a form, or submitted for a download, video series, or for more information. Now you need to have a well scripted process for each prospect depending on what stage they entered your sales funnel. If human beings are part of your sales process you can never allow them to make up their own sales script. Your team must have a great sales system in place and within this sales system will be procedures to follow and within these procedures will be a best practice. Your sales system, procedures, and best practice will be an extension of your landing page.