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You Need an Expert to Manage Your PPC Advertising Campaign!

Los Angeles Google Ads Management!

Save Money and Time!

Internet advertising has grown every year for more than a decade and there is no end in sight. With Google, Yahoo and Bing taking up 95% of the search market, it is imperative to a business or to a professional to be on the first page of these powerhouse search engines. Since first-page search results take up such valuable real estate, the three main search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing have slowly shrunk the amount of free available space; especially above-the-fold!

Search-engine-optimization (SEO) has now become an expensive way to be seen on page one of Google in particular. The free natural listings now have more than 200 built-in criteria for rankings. A high-quality website (preferably built on Word Press), daily unique updates or postings, high-quality link building, social-media updates and much more is what is needed for first page rankings. Google Places, the somewhat new local listings by Google, has also consumed above-the-fold property so in many cases the free organic listings appear below the fold with very little traffic. Google is forcing businesses and professionals to compete across the board for first page placements for SEO and PPC.

Google Has Changed The Advertising and Marketing Game Forever!

Los Angeles Google Ads Management

So what can be done? Well, let’s face it, Google is a business, a very profitable one at that, and they have no duty to give away anything for free. The Google Ads pay-per-click program can yield a 100 to 300% return on your investment if you know how to capture leads, put them in your sales funnel and do not let the competition steal them from you. It is without question the best form of advertising the world has ever seen. That said, it is also the most complicated form of advertising the world has ever seen!

Google acquired in 2006. Do you have a video for your business or profession? Video conversion rates are very high so consider video on your landing page or let us try you on Google Ads for video.

The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made Was Doing Google Ads Myself!

Understanding the difference between Google’s broad match, phrase match and exact match criteria is tough enough, but when you factor in Google’s complex Quality Score, good ad copy, ad placement, landing page optimization, bidding system, general settings, Search vs. Display, reporting, mobile device settings, ROI examination, keyword selection, dynamic key phrase insertion, campaign and ad group structure, site link extensions, ad leverage and many more things you can see why pay-per-click management has become such a massive growing business. It is way too complicated and time consuming for a business owner or professional to do it themselves!

The goal is to get a qualified lead to call you first! This is where keyword research, ad copy leverage and placement, landing page optimization, and sales funnel techniques make or break your advertising dollars. At we not only examine your business model, we reverse engineer your competition to see what they are doing and how they are doing it. We also implement an aggressive Mystery Shopping Experience on your competitors and have been known to even do it on our clients providing excellent data back to you, the owner!

Google Ads Will Drive You Nuts! You Are Swimming With The Sharks!

Mastering Google Ads is both an art and a science. Google has an amazing platform to analyze account performance and overall metrics but Google does not offer true business advice and a true understanding of an individual business and what one client or customer may be worth short-term, mid-term or long-term to that business or profession. works with small, medium and large size clients and only works with clients who put “skin in the game,” meaning you understand the cost involved and you are willing to run your campaign for at least thirty days.

Here’s What It Will Do for You…

Los Angeles Google Ads Management

Top placement on Google could make your Website become an ATM machine for your company. But the question is, will it add or deduct from your account?
Google Ads provides a pay for placement program on Google’s search and display networks. Understanding what your best client looks like will be the key to success. For instance, if you have a company that fixes computers your ideal customer would be someone who types in something like “computer repair” in the search bar. However, if you use “computer” as one of your broad match keywords, a search query such as “buy new computer” will trigger your ad and unless you know how to modify the original keyword “computer” or add the word “new” or “buy” to the negative feature offered by Google (which prevent ads from showing) your ad may get clicked which costs you money with no potential true customer. So if you fix computers for a living, but do not sell new computers, you had better know how to set up a proper AdWords campaign or 50% or more of your advertising dollars may be wasted.

Go Mobile

With mobile device now dominating communication, your company may or may not benefit from mobile ads. If you do Pizza delivery, probably the answer is yes! In this case, a click-to-call feature could give you the best advantage over your competitors. If you sell a product or provide services that require some investigation from a prospect, perhaps a lead capture page with a series of educational videos or a PDF download could lead someone to go with your company. With Google’s many products such as Search, Display, Shopping, Remarketing, Click-To-Call, Companion and more, you need to focus on your business, not managing your Google Ads campaign.

Here’s What to Do Next… will audit your existing campaign for free or give you a free consultation on what our PPC services may provide for you. Call us now for a free quote at 310-880-5793 or simply click here to fill out the form and we will get
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“AMAZING! are truly EXPERTS with AdWords. Our dental group office played with Google AdWords with no real success. In one day Gayre Emery set up our campaigns and our phones started ringing. She constantly monitors the ads and fine tunes the response. Our cost is down and our calls are WAY UP. She is very knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with. Best of all – GREAT Results. Recommended Five Stars!!Dave Cashman – Dentist


“I struggled with Google Ads until I hired I realized after the first day I did not know the ins and outs of pay-per-click advertising. Having manage my campaign allowed me to focus on my business.” Paul Monroe,


“ got me listed at the top of Google in less than an hour. I received paying clients the first day and have obtained many repeat and referral customers from Google Ads.” David Giuliano,

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