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Management Fee $ 497.00

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(310) 880-5793 or email me: expertppctraffic@gmail.com

Campaign Setup Fee $ 697.00   

 CALL NOW (310) 880-5793 or email: expertppctraffic@gmail.com

ExpertPPCTraffic.com provides first-class pay-per-click marketing at an affordable
price. We can geo-target your campaign, set the times you wish to display your
ad, create multiple ad groups within each campaign, monitor results, and get you
high quality leads for your business.

Google has become more like a directory so we strive to test different ad copy to
see if placing your telephone number in your ad will drive a qualified lead to your
business without incurring the cost of a click.

The best thing about Google Ads is your campaign will always get better
over time by having a qualified company manage your campaign. Ad testing,
landing page testing, relevant search terms, and a huge negative keyword list will
allow you to make your campaign’s performance highly targeted.


    • Keyword Additions and Deletions
    • Negative Keyword Additions
    • Ad Copy Testing Against Control Ads
    • First Page Bid Management
    • Campaign Data Analysis and Adjustments
    • Conversion Reporting and Analysis
    • Regularly Scheduled Reports

Make Your Website an ATM Machine

With pay-per-click Internet advertising, you have the choice of Google Ads. If done correctly, your Website could be similar to an ATM machine that taps into a bank account with an endless supply of money. If you do it wrong, your withdrawals will exceed your deposits and you are in trouble. With ExpertPPCTraffic.com you are in good hands.

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