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Online Advertising has Dominated Offline Advertising

The old forms of advertising, newspaper, radio, television, aren’t dead, but they are feeling the heat of the latest sales tools on the market: online advertising. Last year, Google’s advertising revenue amounted to almost 95.4 billion US dollars. Websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing are taking a huge portion of corporate advertising dollars. And there are likely to continue to do so. Why? The answer is both simple and complex, at the same time.

Online advertising can be targeted to a very specific audience. For example, if you search for a blanket, the next time you go to that search engine, you will see ads for blankets and other similar items. The reason is that these websites can track where you have visited, what you have clicked on, and then target you, and only you, with ads that might entice you. There is also the idea that it is very easy to tell who looked at your ad, who shopped and who bought. There is almost no way to do this with traditional advertising.

Another huge advantage that online advertising has is that it is interactive and can be video-based. The ads can be flashy, have a clear call to action and can allow the user to modify the information to precisely their needs. Online advertising is accessible on nearly any budget. A couple of hundreds of dollars will allow a small company to target thousands of potential customers. With its ability to target specific audiences and to control costs to the penny, smaller budgets can go a very long way online.

Offline advertising still has its place: printing a weekly glossy of all the sales in your store can be very useful. It allows customers to see all the specials that you have for the week all in the same place. As offline advertising has shrunken, with newspapers closing and television stations struggling, online advertising has grown exponentially. Billions of dollars are exchanged every year online. Two-thirds of large companies use online advertising as part of their overall advertising plans.
Internet advertising has a global reach. With almost 45% of all Internet users in Asia, it allows even the smallest business to compete on a global stage, no matter where they are. Online advertising can be expected to continue to grow quickly and inexpensively, while offline advertising will win an increasingly smaller niche.

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