Perfect Keywords

Keyword selection can make or break your Google Ads campaign. What will your ideal customer type in the search bar to find you? We know!
Having a purified positive keyword list is mandatory for success. However, having a large negative list can be equally important. We do it…


New Expanded Text Ads 

Recently Google launched the new ads format called Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) in the Google Ads interface. This giant new ad format gives advertisers an additional 45 characters to work with, making it easier to build a compelling case for searchers to click on their ads. Expertppctraffic.com is using this new format and getting amazing results for our clients.


Exclusive Marketing Tips 

In the old days, everyone’s landing page was the homepage of their Website. As time went on, landing page optimization and testing became very important.
Your landing page needs to be a lead capture page. Pay-per-click marketing is very expensive if you do not capture data from all…

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